About Me


I'm over the moon, I am that excited for your amazing day coming so soon! I have put together the following tips to follow to ensure a smooth, easy, and FUN day!

  1. Getting Ready: Make sure you tidy the space. Get rid of all the clutter and set out the details. Such as dress, rings, ring box, wedding invitations, save-the-date card, florals, shoes, jewelry, perfume, tie, vows, cufflinks, watch, etc.
  2.  Have a little "Survival Kit": include things like water, Tylenol, walking shoes, make-up for touch-ups, deodorant, and anything else that may come in handy. 
  3.  Kiss at the end of the aisle! It is so beautiful having your guest in the background cheering for you as you kiss your boo!
  4.  Sneak away for golden hour photos. If there is a 15-minute window during sunset, let's sneak away and take advantage of that beautiful light! 
  5.  Do a few dips during your dance! Between myself and the videographer, we would love to capture a beautiful dip for you!  
  6. A better alternative to converse during your first dance is to whisper those sweet thoughts into your spouse's ear. An easy way to add to the romantic moment of your first dance.
  7.  Get the party started! Get your guests on the dance floor for some epic dance photos! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. See you soon!