1.  If you really don’t have time or can’t convince your partner to do a private lesson, try some moves together at home. Get comfortable with swaying together (on the spot and moving around), a few simple turns, and a few dips. Remember even with lessons, the more practice, the more natural and at ease you’ll be!
  2. A better alternative to converse during your first dance is to whisper those sweet thoughts into your spouse's ear. An easy way to add to the romantic moment of your first dance. 
  3. Follow FIRST DANCE COACHING (@firstdancecoaching) or WEDDING DANCE SCHOOL (@weddingdance.school) on INSTAGRAM for more first-dance tips and lessons.
  4. In choosing the cake table location, be sure there’s room to move around the cake, so you and your partner aren’t trying to squeeze in next to it for your cake cutting. Your cake should be in the spotlight for all of your guests to see.
  5. Practicing on holding the knife together for the pictures.
  6. Sneak away for golden hour photos. If there is a 15-20-minute window during sunset, let's sneak away and take advantage of that beautiful light! 
  7.  Get the party started! Get your guests on the dance floor for some epic dance photos!