1. Walk slower than you ever imagined down the aisle and try to make eye contact with the photographer at least once.
  2. Remember to smile during the ceremony. 
  3. Carry your bouquet facing out, with thumbs in line with your belly button.
  4. Holding hands with each other allows for extra body connection and makes the photos all the more magical!
  5. For the perfect first kiss photo, ask your ceremony officiant to step aside before he/she announces your first kiss.
  6. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE on your first kiss. Figure out which way your heads will lean. Work on hand placement. The more practice you get in before the wedding, the easier and more natural it’ll be during the wedding. 
  7. Make your first kiss last at least 3-4 seconds. It is long enough to get quality photos and to be intimate but is not too long that will make your guests slightly uncomfortable.
  8. Kiss at the end of the aisle! It is so beautiful having your guest in the background cheering for you as you kiss your boo! Making sure that all members of the wedding party don't start walking down the aisle until you are done with the photo.