It was a beautiful day in Wichita when Steve and Mandie arrived at Bradley Fair for their engagement session. Bradley Fair is a charming outdoor shopping center in the heart of the city, with cobblestone streets, picturesque storefronts, and a lovely fountain that makes for a perfect backdrop for photos.

Steve and Mandie were beaming with excitement as they walked hand in hand through the center, laughing and chatting with each other as if they were the only two people in the world. They were clearly deeply in love, and their joy was contagious.

The couple had chosen Bradley Fair for their engagement session because it was a place that held a special meaning for them. They had spent many happy afternoons strolling through the center, sipping coffee, and window shopping. It was a place that felt like home to them, and they wanted to capture that feeling in their photos.

As they wandered through the center, they stopped at several different spots to take photos. The fountain was an obvious choice, and they posed in front of it, throwing coins into the water and making wishes for their future together. They also stopped at a cozy coffee shop, where they sat on the patio, sipping lattes and cuddling close for the camera.

The sun was beginning to set, casting a warm golden light over the center. Steve and Mandie took advantage of the beautiful light to take some stunning photos in front of a brick wall, with the sun casting long shadows across the cobblestones. They looked so happy and in love, it was clear that they were meant to be together.

As the sun finally dipped below the horizon, Steve and Mandie took a final photo in front of the fountain, holding hands and smiling into each other's eyes. It was clear that this engagement session was a reflection of the deep love they shared, and a promise of the bright future that lay ahead for them.

In the end, the photos from their engagement session at Bradley Fair were a beautiful representation of the love and joy that Steve and Mandie shared. It was a day that they would always treasure, and a reminder of the special place that Bradley Fair held in their hearts.