"When your wedding day is over, and your dress is stuffed deep in your closet, the only thing you’ll have to hold onto are your photos."



Hi, My name is Nguyen Do, wedding photographer based in Wichita, KS.  I am a passionate individual who is inspired by couples and their one-of-a-kind love story. Alongside with my two talented associate photographers, I aim to match and exceed every client’s specific expectations.

With at least two photographers on your wedding day, we are able to capture more precious moments from different angles throughout the day. We will document your day in a creative style that mixes photojournalism and editorial styles together to provide you unforgettable candid emotional moments. We also specialize in both natural light and professional photographic lighting for every situation and location.

I am offering several wedding packages for you to consider for your investment. Each collection is designed to afford you a stress-free and streamlined planning experience. Regardless of your selection, your event benefits from the presence of two photographers, ensuring no special moment goes undocumented.

We are dreamers and story-tellers who want to tell your happiest moments in a unique way. 

Have a look around my site and if you can see yourself in the photos I take, then let’s connect!


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